The End of the English Major | The New Yorker

Enrollment in the humanities is in free fall at colleges around the country. What happened?
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So did I just blow Forty Thousand on an MFA? Well, if my goal lost was to be an award winning author after signing the dotted line than yes, but the goal of Humanities isn’t to become the next best thing for capitalism or be a cog in the wheel of the countless 9 to 5’s working more than they do live.

Can AI write a good story, sure it can. There’s countless good stories already available on the market. The real question is can AI inspire your fellow man to live a life worth living even if it is only reserved for the little bit of down time reserved for reading.

The exciting part that Colleges and Universities should be exploring is how AI can be used in the Humanities. Will the meta verse need story tellers? What happens when Chatgpt exhaust all the story possibilities and more importantly humans will continue to dream and the humanities help us to I interpret those dreams.

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