What It’s Really Like to Be a Black Wine Professional | Wine Enthusiast Magazine

From bringing hybrid wine to the forefront to prioritizing mentorship, here’s how Black wine professionals are making their mark and facing challenges.
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Really great article with lots of resources to dive into further. The focus is on Sommeliers, vineyard owners, and Winemakers so if you’re an industry professional slinging a bag or rolling a a case of wine around then unfortunately you’ve been forgotten in this article. But that’s nothing new. If you’re a budding wine professional you may think there is only a couple paths either in the restaurants or out in the vineyard but I’m here to tell you there’s a plethora of opportunities that most Black folks are not taking advantage of pursuing.You could be Bill NYE the Science Guy working in the laboratory or the logistics manager making sure the finished wine gets to where it is going. Someone has to sell the wine and there are countless distributors in every state whose job is to get the wines into the stores, hotels and restaurants. There are other supplier side positions both domestically and internationally overseeing a wineries success in the marketplace. Last but not least are the wine writers like myself who take it upon themselves to provide further insight into a miraculous product of fermented grapes.

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